How To Use Instagram Direct To Impress Your Clients


Today Instagram released a brand new feature they are calling Instagram Direct. (Click Here to watch it in action) This allows users to now send pics and 15 second videos privately to up to 15 of their friends. Today when I got on Instagram and saw the update, I immediately thought of two things….


1. This could really be abused.

2. This could be an awesome way to reach out to friends, family & your clients in a more personal way.


I first say this could be abused for multiple reasons. Unfortunately, there are always people using social platforms to do immature and stupid things. Because that is not you or I, we can move on from that one! The second thing I see is the fact there will be marketers and brands that will try to use this for spam. Which it why it’s a good people are limited to only being able to send a message to 15 people at a time. Because we aren’t spamming either, let’s get to the good stuff…

How To Use Instagram Direct To Impress Your Clients.

So you might have heard me say this before, but I truly believe our clients like being treated like real people…. Because they are! I also believe people enjoy being honored. Now with Instagram Direct, you can send personal 15 second videos just saying “Hi, how’s it going?” – “How is such and such going?” Or “How is so and so?”. Or maybe you can check in on a coaching client to see how their assignments are going. You can make it fun, creative & personal.

Personally, I see myself using video more than the pictures. I can think of something that I could say to every one of my clients that is or is not business related. There is something about seeing the person’s face that makes it easier to connect and much more personal. Think about it, which would you rather get, and email or a quick video saying “Hi, you rock!”? For most, I think the video would be effective.

Now I also believe we need to be careful with this. This is about establishing and maintaining relationships. We have to make sure we are not being annoying, so please be sensitive to this. It’s probably not a good idea to be sending a bunch of pics or videos to people you don’t really know… In fact, that kinda creepy!

I also don’t think Instagram takes the place of text messaging. So use Instragram wisely… Your reputation (brand) in on the line.

What Do You Think?

What do you think of Instagram Direct? How could you use it to honor your clients? Let me know below in the comments section! :)


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